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Connecting The Car; 3 years of Social Media and the Automotive Industry

90:10 Group is a pioneering Pan-European ‘Open Business’ consultancy. Its focus is to help companies open up marketing and innovation to its customers as partners through the use of social media.

Our people have worked with Honda Europe for the past three years to help them adapt to social media across Marketing, PR and Insights. We have created a report as an aggregation of the collective knowledge and experience of the 15 analysts and change managers who have worked on the account called: Connecting the Car, 3 years of Social Media and the Automotive Industry.

It covers the key social media challenges and opportunities facing the Automotive Industry spanning key themes including; crowd-sourcing and co-creation, SCRM (Social CRM & The Social Enterprise), marketing initiatives and social media campaigns, community engagement and the socialisation of the car. It addresses:
1. Managing Relationships: Social CRM
2. Building Dealer Effectiveness in Social Media & Developing Dealer Communities
3. Local and Central Staff Effectiveness: Brand Management in a Real Time Web
4. Faster Innovation from Social Media Insight: Maximising Direct Relations
5. Developing new teams and competencies: Becoming an Open Business

It is available on request and is supported by an infographic which lists the key milestones throughout our time working with Honda shown below.

If you are interested in receiving a copy please send a request to David@9010group.com

Alternatively visit Slideshare to download in pdf format.