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Social Media is Changing Human Behavior in the Travel Industry.

It’s amazing to read that the internet, social media, mobile applications and geolocation is actually starting to change human behavior. This morning, I was reading a post on Mashable.com, which talked about one of the sectors most affected by the new technology communication advances, #travel. This information was taken from an infographic created by the marketing research company lab42.

I want to highlight the most significant points:

  • 77% of social media users  read hotel reviews.
  • 62% confirmed that they read activity/attraction reviews
  • 48% read restaurant reviews
  • 81% find reviews from fellow travelers more helpful than other sources
  • 33% have used a mobile app to find good prices for flights and hotels
  • 15% have downloaded an app specifically for a certain trip

During the holiday, people will also take and share photos (Instagram, Pinterest), make check-ins with locations (Facebook, Foursquare), look for sites of interest using online maps,(Google maps) update their Facebook status and share comments with their friends through social media.

We know travel is one of the biggest potential industries to exploit using social media, thanks to the wide range of possibilities at our disposal. This is the reason Travel is one of the industries we are studying and focusing on.

Going by these figures and recent trends, I think it is important for travel industry companies to start investing in social media consultancy, do you?