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About 9010 Group

9010 Group was founded in 2008 to help blue-chip companies and their agencies adapt to the Networked World and the new and emerging market reality we now call The Open Economy. This is comprised of 4 key drivers for disruption and change; Open Capital, The Networked Enterprise, Open Innovation (Scaled) and the Open Data Movement, all fuelled by social media connectivity and the resulting culture of Openness.

Over this time we have worked with many large and complex companies in EMEA including; Tesco, Mastercard, Honda and Bupa and across a number of their key departments and divisions to react strategically, operationally and culturally to manage disruption and leverage new trends for commercial opportunity. In doing so we have become experts in crowd-funding, crowdsourcing, co-creation, online research (netnography) and word-of-mouth marketing.

Increasingly we have begun to focus on helping companies shift from managing change to actively realising new digital opportunities and innovations. We have become a supporting Commercial Planning Function and Ventures Company to research, design and launch new innovations; including brands, businesses and technological solutions often assuming NED roles or taking equity as partners.

We also operate 9010 Ventures which combines seed capital, digital expertise and knowledge in crowd-funding to realise our own wholly owned start-ups assembled to capatalise on new market disruptions in digital.