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Group Approach

9010 Group is a ventures company. Our business operates on three central pillars that allow us to remain agile and adapt to an evolving marketplace through a process of shared partnership. This ensures we are not seen as a cost-line but an active partner. We share the risk in our work with clients, often taking part equity / fee model.

Designed for Disruption

9010 Group is designed to excel in an environment of constant and accelerating digital disruption. In doing so we hope to help our clients, partners and owned ventures capatalise on the emergent opportunities being presented in a timely, lean and efficient manner.

We work to lean-business principles and based on a networked model or partnership. The ratio 90:10 is fundamental to our thinking;

90% of the energy that drives our ventures coming from outside our organisation with 10% coming from an internal platform of people. This includes opening processes to customers, influencers and partners at the appropriate points.

Learning by Doing

We consult based upon on the learnings and practical experiences of being real world entrepreneurs facing the same challenges as our clients and partners.

We run owned start-ups alongside our boutique consultancy and, where confidentiality allows, share learnings, relationships and technologies to the benefit of both. Our long-term success is based upon this symbiotic relationship and it’s what makes us a unique partner.

Networked Value

We are a networked organisation that pulls together teams around projects as and when required. This means we are lean and adaptive, valued on the return generated from on a pool of aggregate ventures successes not margin of fee. This means we have distributed risk and are not working to a quick exit strategy but to grow a sustainable business through successful partnerships.