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Open Business

9010 Group believes that the solution to the 4 challenges and opportunities of a Networked World; declining / migrating trust, an increased need for corporate citizenship, glocal market demands and new emerging data sets is ‘Open Business’.

We define this as; ‘The opening of an organisations processes and decision-making through open innovation methods to the opinions and participation of external stakeholders on a systemic level’.

This concept focuses on helping companies work in a transparent and open way by collaborating with parties outside of the business, and in doing so creating greater scope for innovation and productivity.

We see social media as a door to the outside world, a door to listen, ask, connect and create with people outside, partners, customers and experts, all for the purpose of competitive advantage in marketing, service and product innovation.

Think of it as being able to have an open day every day. Why have an open day? To deepen brand affinity, build relationships, loyalty and understanding, ask questions and give answers, discover new habits, trends and needs.

9010 Group believes that by becoming an Open Business you become more efficient, effective and profitable. Don’t just take our word for it, below are results from across a number of research papers;

Sources: Cohort-Study on Social Innovation – TNO Work & Employment 2008-09