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Hermes Logistic Case Study

Project manager: by Franz Patzig

Hermes Logistic

Hermes Logistik is Germany’s second largest home delivery courier network, handling more than 300 million collections and deliveries per annum. The company offers a wide range of b2b and b2c products and and is operating 14.000 parcel shops.


Hermes Logistik has recognized the importance of social media for their business. As a parcel service with up to one million customer contacts per day there are naturally also happening lots conversations and buzz according to their brand and services. As Hermes was only active on traditional channels, we delivered a strategy starting from the scratch.


Phase 1: Development

  • Introductory social media workshops
  • Development of social media strategy
    • Communities Audit
    • Stakeholder Audit with management and key-account interviews
    • Operations Audit
    • SWOT-Analysis
    • Social Media Readyness Assesment
    • Launch Plan
  • Help finding a Social Media Manager

Phase 2: Implementation and Operation

  • Realtime Social Media Monitoring directly conneted to relevant Hermes departments through self-developed dedicated system
  • Issue Management
  • Strategic and tactical consultancy


Hermes is  in position to face the challenges of social media. They are operating a pioneering customer service channel on Twitter and are now also capable to react in realtime on issues and deliver support on other other social media channels where conversations are happening. Further steps are planned.


Transporter / Logistics


Community Landscape Audit services, Social Business SWOT, Social Media Workshop, HR Social Media Guidelines, Social / Open Business Acceleration,



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