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Redcoon Case Study

Project manager: by Gianluigi Cuccureddu


Redcoon is a European consumer electronics retailer which ranks among the largest internet special dispatchers for LCD and plasma TVs, computers, notebooks, household appliances, digital cameras, camcorders, HiFi and home cinemas in Europe.


Redcoon are interested in exploring the possibilities of social media and technologies to achieve overarching business objectives.


We organised a one day workshop to understand Redcoon’s social media technology readiness, and how a social media strategy can fit into their mission, vision and business strategy. In preparation for the workshop, we conducted social media research to understand who the customers are of Redcoon and what their experiences are.

To get a more indepth internal understanding we asked the attendees of the workshop to fill in a questionnaire to get an internal snapshot of the organization. A synthesis of the internal and external understanding were used to inform and direct the workshop.


Retail / Utilities


Community Landscape Audit, Social Media Workshop



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