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Social Media World Abu Dhabi

Keynote at the Social Media World Abu Dhabi 21st Sept.

For those who might have attended Patrick Attallah‘s recent keynote at the Social Media World as part of The Internet Show in Abu Dhabi (21st and 22nd of September) and… Take a look

Social Media Readiness- SWOT analysis to know each other better

Social Media Readiness: starts with a SWOT analysis

Hi all. Long time no see…
I’ve been very busy lately working closely developing with our clients different social media strategy aspects. One area (at least here in Europe) of a usual concern is the company’s social media readiness!

There are plenty of factors to consider regarding the hows, dos, don’ts and understanding [...]

Latest Internet & Social Media statistic

Latest Internet & Social Media stats (videos)

Future of Advertising - a platform for Customer Insight

Future of Advertising: a platform for Customer Insight

What will the future of advertising look like?
The answer could be the one painted in this viral ad promoting the upcoming FITC digital and technology festival in Toronto. The ad is set in the future and shows a narrator in a deserted office (preserved as a museum) describing the remains of the last advertising [...]

Community Manager vs Conversation Manager

Community Manager vs. Conversation Manager

As the use of social technologies begins to climb the maturity curve, new skills (until now not widely understood) such as community & conversation management have begun to move to the forefront of discussions within businesses. Most are starting to realize that they have a missing job function in their team. But which job [...]

Co-Creation is more than just a philosophy

Co-Creation is more than just a philosophy!

Co-creation is a powerful trend in product development that has been around for quite some time. But as I have written in an earlier blog post (Brand 2.0: when crowdsourcing becomes a must…) co-creation has recently started to gain more traction with social media bringing communities together.

Most companies have innovation as one of their [...]

Facebook - your Marketing Powerhouse

Facebook: your Marketing Powerhouse

As Facebook has become an incredible online community (more than 120 million users in Europe) and has shifted from being not only a social network for personal use but also as a key platform and medium for brands online, businesses have started to look into spending more time hanging out and engaging with their fans [...]

Social Engagement = Cultivating Customers Demands

Social Engagement = Cultivating Customers Demands

Businesses are increasingly adopting customer-focused processes to gain competitive advantage. But for building a business around customers, companies need to understand them. They need to engage in regular dialogue and conversations.

Research has shown strong evidence that Social Media Engagement correlates to Financial Performance (see report on world’s most valuable brands – Who’s most engaged?). This [...]


Social Media in the Middle East: more at ARABNET March 25th & 26th

A common feature across the Middle East region is that young people make up a relatively high percentage of the population (in some over 50% are less than 21 years old). In most countries the “net generation”, regardless of its geographic location or cultural background, tends to be comfortable with online technologies and prefer the speed and variety of content delivered through the [...]


For Your Social Communities to Work, Fish Where the Fish Are

There is a great opportunity for businesses to use social media to enable conversations and to create communities that extend their capabilities and engage their constituents in richer ways that results in higher retention, lower risk, increased ROI, and faster operational capacity.

Businesses entering the social media space must first figure out where their audience is [...]