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Social Media Week Paris 2012 : How Social Media leads to Change Management?

On the occasion of Social Media Week Paris 2012, 90:10 FRANCE organized a one-day conference at the European Communication School on February 14th.

This event gave the opportunity to discover two different topics that affect both companies and consumers: the Co-creation & co-innovation process and Change Management.

How Social Media leads to Change Management?

The second panel of the day was about  change management  with a focus on Media with the participation of France Televisions and the Express Roularta Group.

Express Roularta GroupCo-creation, co-innovation & ideation in a media: transforming a mess into a reputational currency

Speaker:  Laurent François, Head of Social Media & Marketing.

Contents producer, the Express Roularta group is the most influential group in France (executives, CSP +, opinion leaders), publishing :

  • 21 magazines  (or 25,000 pages per year),
  • 6 websites (or 100,000 items online, 1000 videos, 2500 slide shows per year),
  • two iPhone apps.

During his presentation, Laurent François talked about the transformation of the group’s value chain due to the emergence of social Media. This transformation was totally linked to the change management of the Group’s strategy.


Indeed, the issue is not to think about audience any more but to create links between front and back office through Social Activation.

Moreover, Media’s strategies are now to capitalize on the reputation  and participation of internet users  through new partnerships with new incentives and engagement for the production of contents.

“Journalists are still recognized experts” - Laurent François

The creation of SocialERS: an on-line community that produces contents for the group

France Televisions: Toward new internal uses

Speaker:  Myriam L’Aouffir, online communication and social media marketing manager at France Televisions.

Change Management linked to social media at France Televisions is managed through internal aspects.

France Televisions is the first French broadcasting group: each day, nearly 4 out of 10 French watch programs on our channels. In its position of Public utility broadcasting service, the group has an important role in the social and cultural life, requiring a constant redefinition of its program offerings.

France Televisions, as Myriam L’Aouffir mentioned, must face an important challenge concerning the multitude of comments made by different actors in social media.

To face this challenge, France Television elaborated a strategy to accompany both internal changes as well as their  Ambassadors (France Televisions allows its employees to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter):

The guidelines lead to the creation of 13 collaborative rules and the synchronization of contents through the different group brands.

Moreover, this new approach is also the opportunity to change the group’s philosophy toward social media:

“The Objective is to engage by shared interest rather than by channels, through capitalization on consumers’ affinity” - Myriam L’Aouffir

Their goal was reached by the creation of “affinity spaces” such as Love, Politics, Family, Culture….

“Social media, driven by Facebook, redefine communication both in the digital and physical world” - Myriam L’Aouffir