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Facebook: your Marketing Powerhouse

As Facebook has become an incredible online community (more than 120 million users in Europe) and has shifted from being not only a social network for personal use but also as a key platform and medium for brands online, businesses have started to look into spending more time hanging out and engaging with their fans and users, in a legit way.

Facebook Pingdom Infographic

The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds on teaching staff how to use Facebook.

PBS’s new 102-minute documentary will debut on Facebook before being broadcast on PBS.

Amy Porterfield in her last post says:

When you hear that Facebook is yanking Yahoo from its ranks and inching up on Google’s traffic throne, you can’t help but pay attention.

She shares with us 5 studies, that show how Facebook is undoubtedly a leading online social contender and a key tool that is continually changing the landscape of online engagement and fan loyalty.

To know more about how to promote your business using Facebook Fan Pages, I recommend one of my older blog post and if you want to know how to customize, optimize and monetize your Facebook Fan Page, watch Amy Porterfield’s video.

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