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DottNet.it: The First Healthcare Professional Social Network in Italy

With over 165,000 members in Italy, it is the 3rd largest network of Europe in the healthcare sector.

The figures presented in the presentation are interesting. Each month 319,000 people visit the network and view around 565,000 pages. On a total community of 165,000 these figures are not spectectular, on average each member visits the website twice and has a look at three pages per month.

The counter intuitive part is that a 180,000 emails between members are exchanged on a monthly base, and a 30,000 posts are written by its members. It seems like an inverted 90-9-1 principle, lots of content creation but not much lurking/reading.

The basics are definately in place, there amount of members and content, now the consumption of all this knowledge needs to take off.