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Dow Chemical Dedicated to Collaborative Innovation: Achieving Together Better Performance and Efficiency

At the Chinaplas 2012, the  Dow  Chemical  Company  showcased  its  broad  portfolio  of  plastics  solutions  to  customers  and  value  chains  in  Asia Pacific. Dow is committed to helping brand owners in the Asia Pacific region develop cost-efficient, innovative solutions that are aligned with industry trends as well as marketplace needs.

Collaborative innovation

Peter Wong, Commercial Vice President, Performance Plastics for Asia Pacific, said:

“We believe in innovation through collaboration with our customers and the value chain. As a company dedicated  to  innovation,  Dow  continues  to  create  advanced  plastics  solutions  to  help  our customers in the Asia Pacific achieve better performance and efficiency.”


“Dow Performance Plastics’ intent is on being the go-to innovator for targeted industry sectors across the Asia Pacific, delivering highly valued solutions  with and for its customers through intimate engagement, collaboration and dialogue. At Chinaplas 2012, we are demonstrating how Dow delivers greater value for our customers – from the creation of growth opportunities to market-driven innovations.”

Intimate engagement, collaboration and dialogue

With Dow’s collaborative innovation focus, can it be supported and enriched to enable faster, better and cheaper output if social media and social technologies are being deployed?

Yes, social media and social technologies can help Dow to enhance and enrich its initimate engagement, collaboration and dialogue in a cost-effective way, continuously collaborating for the next growth opportunity and market-driven innovation.

In this article I elaborated that social media helps the chemical industry to amplify awareness and importancy amongst people, which can be a starting point for market-driven innovations and having an extra stakeholder (end-consumers) in the mix.

Through social media, collaborative innovation can take place both actively and passively. Passively is by understanding needs, anxieties and opportunities by listening to end-consumers and other business partners on social media. Actively is co-creating with them as Dow is doing right now as reported above, but virtually, continuously and more cost-effective.