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Dow Chemical’s Collaborative Innovation Initiatives

Dow Chemical and the University of Michigan program

Dow Chemical Company and the University of Michigan will bring together 300 students from all areas of study to help solve some of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges in a new and unprecedented fellowship program. Dow will provide a gift of $10 million over six years to support the Dow Sustainability Fellows Program at U-M. Business.

The unique structure of the program will bring together a select group of the most promising students, and potential future leaders, from natural and social sciences, engineering, business, law, public health, public policy, architecture, urban planning, and other disciplines.

Dow Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Andrew N. Liveris said:

“At Dow, we know that the most successful partnerships are formed when there is a foundational belief that business interests and public interests should be aligned in order to create long-terms solutions for the greater good of humanity. Our collaborative partnership pushes aside the standard thinking and supports unique models that will give rise to the next generation of innovators in Michigan and across the world.”

U-M President Mary Sue Coleman said:

“Through this gift, we have the chance to ramp up our efforts in preparing future leaders in sustainability — in all areas of study, attacking all aspects of this complex issue . The uniqueness of this program is that it is not rooted in any one discipline or any single unit of the university — it is as broad and comprehensive as the subject matter itself. And that is, frankly, the only way to solve problems as pervasive as those we face in sustainability.”

Dow Chemical packaging division introduces new resins at NPE2012

Dow introduced new resins for the North American packaging market at NPE2012.
Dow Chemical Co. launched its line of Elite AT PE resins, which are a proprietary and patent-pending post-metallocene technology built on Dow’s Insite technology.

The Elite AT PE resins are for film converters in the food and specialty packaging and industrial and consumer packaging market segments, and are designed to meet the growing demand for higher performance films, and to enhance resin function in sealant film, stretch wrap film, and stretch hood film applications.

Greg Bunker, senior group marketing manager for food and specialty packaging at Dow, said to PlasticsToday that the company is always looking for new ways to make a better package:
“We work closely with our customers to offer innovations that help enable the next generation packaging”.

Dow’s micro grants

Partnering with the Philadelphia Education Fund’s Math and Science Coalition, Dow is footing the bill for Cullen’s and 14 other teacher experiments through its Innovation Grants program.

One example is Mary Cullen, who had a bright idea to motivate her seventh-grade science class at John L. Kinsey Elementary School. But the equipment she needed for her UV radiation experiments was outside her budget as a public-school teacher.

The “micro grants” being given out Wednesday provide up to $1,000 to these educators to help get Philadelphia students more involved in science and math classes.
Cullen got got $850.50 to help her teach her students how to dress when its hot outside: The students will test different sunscreens and sunglasses to see which ones best protect their wearers.