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Healthcare Companies Not Keeping up With Consumers in Social Media

A new study by PwC’s Health Research Institute found that community sites had 24 times more social media activity related to health care compared to corporate health care sites, when subjects were surveyed for a one-week snapshot analysis. It is important as consumers are increasingly making medical decisions based on the information they find on social media sites.

Karla Anderson, partner of pharmaceutical and life sciences at PwC, said:

“One of our overarching themes is that social media has moved from a marketing domain to more social business, it’s starting to find its way into a lot of different components of the [health care] organization.”


Healthcare companies that have adopted social media into their business strategies see it as a way to improve crucial internal operations like data analytics and product development. While some organizations have done this or are working toward it, one half of all companies interviewed for the study say they are wary about integrating social media data into their business strategy.

Capabilities or organizational?

It would be interesting to know why half of all companies are wary about integrating social media data into their business strategy?

Is it because of lacking capabilities of rightly translating data into actionable insights or is it more overarching, cultural, that an outside-in perspective cannot yet be operationalized?