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No Innovation Without Collaboration

To be more specifically no innovation without multidisciplinary collaboration.

Great video on Steven Johnson’s view on where good ideas come from, and why therefore co-creation (both internal and external) are so important for the business’ innovation power.

Multidisciplinary collaboration can be achieved in many ways, closed or open, internal or external, key is that many angles are taken by many individuals, all with their own experience, framework and knowledge, which will build on hunches (as mentioned in the video) that mould ideas.

Invite your stakeholders into the innovation process or extract insights from social media, tap into the crowd-ideation.

Ideas and innovation (be that breakthrough or not) don’t come instantly but take a while, accelerate this process to:

  • Discover unmet needs;
  • Drive growth by keep looking at unmet needs and transform them in viable business and
  • To enable businesses to be faster, smarter, more agile than the competition.