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Patient Engagement is Very Important But No Method Works

This infographic is clear, healthcare professionals state that patient engagement is very important but no one agrees on what it is and how it is executed.

Source: Mind the Gap 

One example from the infographic, patients using educational materials and other online resources to learn about their condition is not effective. The stated evidence is that simply giving patients information is not enough to motivate health behavior change, including self care management.

Engagement is crux

I think the crux lies in engagement, providing information (broadcoasting, publishing data) is not engagement. It’s about the combination of content, context and community that is able to empower people to engage.


Gamification is a means to achieve patient engagement, this presentation and article are interesting ones in relation to gamifying health in order to engage.


Communities with caregives and patients can help increasing patients being comfortable asking questions, virtually, not face-to-face. This brings some sort of anonimity along that enables patients to speak more freely.