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Save by Investing Smart: Focus on Prevention

By allocating and deploying people and means ActiZ, a Dutch organization of healthcare entrepreneurs, says 10% of the budget can be saved. Actiz aims to shift the focus of care to prevention and reducing the likelihood that people need care. The role of nurses is important within prevention.

Informal care and patient-led care

The two other areas where ActiZ sees potential is the informal care, making use of volunteers to take of the pressure of collective means. To do so, more attention needs to be given to the people closely to the patients. From the supply side, a more flexible and fundamental change in methods and processes are needed to operationalize.

With regard to patient-led care, ActiZ advocates that clients themselves determine where they wish to purchase care based on an independent predictor. By giving patients spending power will have the beneficial effect because clients become more selective what and where they purchase care. Care providers will need to make the effort to listen better what their clients want thus providing more customized care.

How do you think prevention can decrease costs in a patient-centric way?