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SusChem 2012 event reporting on social media

Read selected interesting shared insights and information about the SusChem event 2012 (17 – 18 april).

SusChem 2012 event reporting on social media

SusChem held its 10th Stakeholder Event in Brussels on 17 and 18 April 2012.The latest insights on key topics such as: water, sustainable process, raw materials, smart cities and other areas where chemistry plays a central role are shared.

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Some of the event’s insights shared on social media – Day 2

SPIRE Dinner debate 17 April – msgs of support from private sector (Dow, DSM, Evonik, Repsol, Solvay) #suschem2012 http://pic.twitter.com/meEMXgMsSusChem ETP
RT @kathrynsheridan: #suschem2012 Chris Allen, EC on European competitiveness. "We fail because Member States’ technology policies are not coordinated"SustConsult
RT @ICISgreenblog: RT @kathrynsheridan: More UK students doing chemistry, motivated by environment and sustainability #suschem2012SustConsult
RT @cdn: Europe doesn’t lack #innovation… Europe doesn’t turn knowledge into jobs (#entrepreneurship). Andrea Gentili at #suschem2012Doris de Guzman
Falzetti: all about the impact of the collaboration being greater than the individual elements. #suschem2012SusChem ETP
Von Bose: #h2020 – innovation element – but how will it be financed? Need to promote this on the #EU #Innovation agenda #suschem2012SusChem ETP
Reed: Suschem to build good practise innovation skills database – compile case studies of initiatives that work. #suschem2012SusChem ETP
Reed: industry needs broad scientific skill set, communication skills, business understanding #suschem2012SusChem ETP

Some of the event’s insights shared on social media – Day 1

Strohmeier, EC "In Europe we neglect public procurement as a means to promote innovation" #suschem2012Kathryn Sheridan
Strohmeier: Need to focus on key issues within SPIRE including more collaboration between research and industry. #suschem2012SusChem ETP
Stromheier – It is important to bring together actors all along the value chain #suschem2012Antoine
Hope that lots of cross-sectorial projects will be inSPIREd, but exchange of ideas between communities is needed. #suschem2012Alexis Bazzanella
Strohmeier: Chemical industry has many hooks to be involved in overcoming societal challenges. Chemistry is everywhere #suschem2012SusChem ETP
"@cdn: Complicated European regulations sometimes (too often) stand in the way of #Innovation… #suschem2012 panel discussion"Antoine
What’s the ROI? RT @SusChem recognition: over 900 million euros of granted EU projects related to Sustainable Chemistry 2007-09 #suschem2012Christian DE NEEF
Valles concludes: the chemical industry should play a major in the EU2020 strategy. #suschem2012SusChem ETP
Industries to put in 200 million euro per year for 7 years if SPIRE PPP goes ahead. EC to match funds #suschem2012Kathryn Sheridan
Townsend: last few years increasing innovation activities in SusChem. New opportunities in #H2020. Reason for strategy review. #suschem2012SusChem ETP
Buzek – remedy to crisis is research, development and applied innovation. The future is based on sustainable chemistry. #suschem2012SusChem ETP
β€œ@SusChem: Claire Hugon – SusChem Belgium is important in many ways: sustainable development is a huge challenge.” #suschem2012RSC Belgium
#suschem2012 all about adding a concrete innovation element to our continuing research – Ger SporkRSC Belgium

In anticipation of the SusChem 2012 event

SusChem Blog: Chemistry & biotechnology sector unveils concrete …2 days ago … SusChem Press Release Today (17 April) in Brussls, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem),…
10th SusChem Stakeholder Event – Overview – Open InnovationTue 17 Apr 2012 until Wed 18 Apr 2012 – Brussels. The SusChem Annual Stakeholder Event will be held in Brussels this year on 17/18 Apri…
SusChem Blog: SusChem 2012 will be Biggest Stakeholder EventApr 5, 2012 … With registration about to close tomorrow (6 April) the 2012 SusChem Stakeholder event looks like it will be the bigges…
SusChem Blog: SusChem Stakeholder Speaker: Prof. Jerzy BuzekMar 5, 2012 … Jerzy Buzek. Polish MEP Prof. Jerzy Buzek will address the opening session of the 10th Annual SusChem Stakeholder event…
SusChem’s 10th Stakeholder Event – Ger Sporksuschem