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The Digital Agenda Assembly: Co-creation of the Digital Agenda for Europe

The Digital Agenda for Europe is the European Union’s roadmap for bringing the benefits of a digital society and economy to Europe’s citizens. But it can only deliver if all stakeholders are involved in assessing problems and identifying solutions.

I’m invited to participate in the Assembly on the 21st and 22nd of June in Brussels. The two-day event comprised speeches, panel debates and a number of workshop events where participants have a chance to actively help shape the Europe’s digital policies.

The main objectives of the Assembly are to:
*Assess progress to date on implementation towards the Digital Agenda’s goals and actions and seek ways to improve delivery;
*Identify challenges ahead for the implementation of the Digital Agenda and for the information society in general;
*Mobilise stakeholders’ actions to make further progress and address challenges.

The Digital Single Market

EU online markets are deeply fragmented, where barriers have been taken away in the physical world, many need to be taken away digitally. For instance regarding E-commerce, it’s limited to less than 4% of total retail service sales in the EU over 10 years after it started. Today in the EU, 60% of cross-border internet shopping attempts fail because of technical or legal reasons like refusal of non-domestic credit cards. A huge untapped potential is waiting to be unlocked. Remaining regulatory barriers should be abolished.

This is just one example, but think of the opportunities Europe has with regard to for instance innovation, knowledge valorization and creation of new e-business models to boost Europe’s economic growth and competitiveness, supported and accelerated by digital and social technologies.

Eager to attend and collaborate on Europe’s digital innovativeness.

Topics of workshops

Find the topics of the workshops below, it shows the focus of the EC in relation of digital and where it could support in achieving goals.

Workshop 1: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device? Converged Media Platforms
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Twitter hashtag: #da12converge

Workshop 2: High-speed connections
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Twitter hashtag: #da12bb

Workshop 3: Trust What You Buy, Choose How to Pay? The Future of e-Commerce in Europe
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Twitter hashtag: #da12ecom

Workshop 4: 04. Social Media: Social Networking for Economic Recovery, Jobs and Growth
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Twitter hashtag: #da12social

Workshop 5: Data
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Twitter hashtag: #da12data

Workshop 6: Clouds for Europe: From Cloud-friendly to Cloud-Active
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Twitter hashtag: #da12cloud

Workshop 7: Security: Secure Digital Future: building on growth, innovation and confidence
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Twitter hashtag: #da12trustsec

Workshop 8: Innovation and entrepreneurs
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Twitter hashtag: #da12innov

URL’s of the EU’s Digital Agenda


In what fields do you think Europe can accelerate using digital?