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The Outsourcing of Pharma Digital Marketing Has Room for Improvement, Four Keys to Success

Pharmaceutical brand teams are generally dissatisfied with their outsourced digital marketing, according to a study by Cutting Edge Information. However there is a great need to make it succesful as digital media is becoming a key part of the pharma marketing mix.

Respondents for “Pharmaceutical Digital Marketing and Social Media: Managing Growth, Mitigating Risk, and Mastering Strategy” rated external agency performance on a scale from “very poor” to “very good.” Performance categories included:

– Developing digital marketing strategy
– Moderating interactive forums
– Understanding the regulatory environment
– Maintaining regulatory compliance
– Executing digital marketing strategy
– Demonstrating digital marketing ROI

Keys to succesful integration and activiation of digital media

There are four things that succesful organizations do when integrating digital media in their processes and culture, being either developed and executed in-house or outsourced:

*They align the digital strategy to the overaching business objectives.
*The organizational culture is one of openess, sharing, accountability.
*Internal capabilities are acquired or trained in order to cope with the new media as effectively and efficiently, even when it’s outsourced, a threshold level is needed.
*Processes, KPI’s, tools etc. need to be realigned to the new operations including digital.

Are you looking at these four aspects making sure they are in place to enable success?