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The Rising Generation C: 24/7 Connected Consumers – Need For Social Businesses on Steroids

Generation C — connected, communicating, content-centric, computerized, community-oriented, always clicking. As a rule, they were born after 1990 and lived their adolescent years after 2000. It’s the first generation that has never known any reality other than that defined and enabled by the Internet, mobile devices, and social networking.

Comparing external developments with the time it takes to internally innovate shows that being able to thrive on the ubiquitous and hyperconnected generation, transformation needs to start now.

(taken from Strategy+Business)

(taken from Social Media Explorer)

Add the Internet of Things to the mix and we’re facing changes that are impactful –to say the least- but at the same time offer a vast amount of opportunities. Everything can be measured, the interaction between people, interaction between machines and people and machines. Social networks and devices will accompany people throughout their daily activities, giving a real-time and complete overview of what is occuring to ones target group.

Social Businesses on Steroids

Open business cultures are the fundament of succesful businesses, enabling constant cycles of intelligence gathering and optimization. Current news on inflation, rising costs and digital price-competitiveness are all external causes to embrace innovation from this point of perspective. The second part of the solution -which is the enabler of the abovementioned- is technology. Right now, much of the intelligence is pure exhaust — unanalyzed and unanalyzable — but it will and has to be put to material economic use.

Gartner found that Social Analytics and Next-Gen Analytics are two of the technologies that can’t be ignored, sustaining the abovementioned. Investments in analytics are the first step and fundament of the data-driven playgrounds where companies will be on.

Take for instance the retail industry, a brick and clicks integration is the ideal and unique situation, augmented reality offering a more attractive presentation of the goods. Customer reviews will be a real-time decision mechanism, both offline and online and social networks will become the primary place to be for brands, not the corporate one. Travelling will have a similar impact, where the real- and digital world will blend through augmented reality, and intensify the experience through social networks.

The output, the creative part is an outcome of succesful interpretation of all this (social) intelligence and moulding that into new immersive experiences. One of my favorite frameworks for experiences is the Multiverse, by Joe Pine. It takes into account Time, Matter and Space enabling transversal experiences which are adapted to the surroundings. Read here an interview and explenation of the Multiverse.

Social Media and Generation C, a great combination which offers lots of chances, will you be ready by then?