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90:10 Group believes…

An organisation has to stand for something – has to have a culture, ways of doing things, that matter to it.

These expressions of purpose not only motivate and guide internal teams and their actions, they also attract external communities of customers and collaborators.

So here’s an expression of meta data about 90:10 Group. In expressing it we seek out those who share our beliefs(image courtesy britbohlinger)

90:10 Group believes:

  • In platform thinking – opening up organisations to co-creation at every possible point in their processes.
  • Our role is to help internal and external communities to connect – not to be the connection
  • Organisations which operate without a feedback loop operate broken. 90:10 fixes them.
  • We should tap into the things we have in abundance to make better use of the things we don’t. Human creativity, our desire and ability to connect and to be social beings is abundant. We think tapping this is both exciting in its potential and a wise strategy for making better use of scarce resources.
  • We should understand and enable people, and the groups they form, first. Technology comes second to this
  • We can’t invent communities. We can discover, galvanise and support them.
  • The best things are achieved with people, not done to them. With them, not at them.
  • Influence is fluid and contextual. It’s not about the numbers. Being popular does not equal being influential. We strive to help our clients understand the importance of this in a networked world.
  • Everyone should speak in an authentic, human voice: their own.
  • Conversations with small groups of people is right, broadcasting at them is wrong.
  • Anything that isn’t relevant to you right now is spam.
  • Quality is great – but relevance is way more important.
  • We should say what we think. We are honest and transparent – in the interest of creating efficiencies for clients.
  • We should share. We point at other stuff we think is good. We widely share our own ideas. Generosity is key in how networks of trust are formed.
  • The user is the destination – they are the connections and how the connections are made. We enable them and provide things for them to take on their journeys.
  • Global niches have more value than mass lowest common denominator.
  • Feedback should be two-way – not broadcast
  • Networks should be open. Silos should be removed.
  • The power of the network is revealed in the interactions, not in the nodes
  • Adhoc, self-forming communities perform better than centrally directed teams.
  • Persistent conversation (relationships) trumps ‘capturing’ ID.
  • Real-time, niche-community-focused, user-generated information is of more value than lowest-common denominator broadcast ‘News’
  • We only share things with our communities if we think they will find them useful. They think less of us if we don’t
  • Honesty is the best policy. People will see through a con, no matter how clever. It only takes one of them to find you out and they’ll tell everyone else. Best bet: Don’t try to fool anyone. If you don’t have the answers, say so. People sharing your purpose will help you find the answer.
  • Responses should be fast and humble. We join the conversation acknowledging it belongs to us all.
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