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A Manifesto for Platform Organisations

90:10 Group believes
Platform Thinking is the right approach to adapting business to the networked world.

It’s the right way to design for success in a world in which the transaction cost of connecting with people, who care about the same things you strive to achieve, is falling by the day. It’s an implementation strategy for any organisation to engage in the bounty of collaborative innovation.

The Platform Organisation Manifesto:

Platform organisations:
1.    Do something to believe in – and act like they mean it. They have a purpose.
2.    Use their available resources to find and connect those who share that Purpose.
3.    Provide tools and resources to enable those who share that Purpose to achieve that purpose.
4.    Aren’t limited by their own resources – only by the resources of those they can find, connect and enable
5.    Are open and collaborative: They believe there are always more experts outside the organisation than inside.
6.    Always have a feedback loop. They listen more than they talk.
7.    Serve the community first. The platform’s interests are shared.
8.    Never assume they know better than the communities they connect with.
9.    Put understanding and enabling people and their groups, first – technology second.
10.    Share the rewards with those who co-create them.

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