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Brands and Social Media

A brand is not a product. It’s the story about the product, that makes your heart swing.

A strong brand is an illusion …. I’d rather say simulation that becomes reality because people believe in the story. Let’s call it religion. Or love.

Some examples:

1) Is an Audi a better product than a Mercedes Benz? It’s not. An Audi is the story about the young, quick and nimble owner. That’s why I buy one. It’s a statement. My statement to the rest of the world. I do not necessarily buy a better car – but a better statement for me. And that makes it the better car.

2) The product is just one part of the whole story: If people believe a roadster that lacks some rear seats, a roof and all comfort is the better car to make their statement …. it is the better car. The story becomes reality because people believe in it. Why?

People want to believe, people want to be part of sth., people want to distinct. That does’t work with commodities. Distinction needs an emotional and rational superstructure. Destinction needs brands.

3) Opel ist a great product – but nowadays a louzy brand nobody wants to buy. If you destroy the brand, you destroy the product.

4) Coca Cola ist water, sugar and some colouring. A commodity – but with a wonderfull little secret, a great corporate design and a brand story. Destroy it and you have just water, sugar and some colouring.

That’s where social media and the idea of participation comes in.

Social media has the ability to enhance and sharpen the brand. And bring it closer to the peoples’ desires.

Social Media has the ability to improve the product according to the brand story and the needs of the people.

That’s how social media closes the most critical gap for every company that produces and sells products today.

In history of brands, mass communication was the most important tool. But a brand never needed mass communication. So the end of mass communcation won’t kill the brands, One to one conversation has always been a wonderful way to build a brand – the strongest to learn more about customers desires, the strongest to sell a product.

Thats why social media can make brands even stronger., sharper, more consistent  – more relevant. And help to deliver a product that meets this promises.

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