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How Web Changes the Organisation of Business and the Business of Organisation

90:10 Group Co-founder David Cushman presented the keynote at CeBIT Webciety in Hannover, Germany on March 8. The presentation was broadcast live online at the time, but is now also available to view and share – along with the panel discussion of the themes it outlines. In the panel he was joined by Tui Executive Director Isabelle Droll and T-System’s Dr Frank Schönefeld.

Cushman explores how the future isn’t digital, it is self-organised; how and why the web powers disruption – and the role of the organisation in a world in which we can organise for ourselves more cheaply and effectively than ever before.
It also recognises the challenge of 3D printing in this context and how this reveals where the means of production have always resided and what this tells us about the key tasks left for the organisation of the future.

You can watch David Cushman’s talk in the video below;


You  can find his slide for the event below;