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How the Automotive Industry is Embracing Social Media

Today I want to talk about ways the automotive industry is venturing into Social Media to increase ROI, innovation and brand awareness.

I’m writing this post as a result of the new promotion for the Volkswagen Polo via Social Media in Spain. On Monday 21st of May, Volkswagen will start a competition on Twitter as a way to promote and publicize the new VW Polo, which is also 1st prize in the competition. Each time you write a tweet using the correct hashtags, you will increase your chances of winning the VW Polo. The end of this promotion will be when Volkswagen obtains a determined amount of tweets stipulated in the campaign or by the competition end date on May 28, 2012. http://polowers.com/

This is not the first time that companies have promoted new vehicles in this way through different Social Media platforms. In EEUU at the beginning of 2011, Mercedes-Benz launched the first race car that ran on tweets. The car was specially modified for the occasion, so that tweets were ”made of gas”; for every tweet, each team would receive 1/4 mile to advance toward its destination.  http://www.mbtweetrace.com/mercedes/map .

Other examples: In Norway VW promoted its Golf Bluemotion through a Twitter game in real time using Google Maps and Street View. The Bluemotion Golf started with a full tank and began to cross the highway E6 with the intention to continue until it ran out of gas. The winner of the game would be to guess where the car would stop. http://www.bluemotion.no/

It is also not the first time you can get a car totally for free in Spain through Social Media,  Alfa Romeo launched a campaign made through Facebook​​ where if you were able to got together 99 friends from Facebook to accompany you to an Alfa Romeo dealer, you would be given a free Alfa Romeo Mito. https://www.facebook.com/alfaromeo.espana.oficial/app_111479998931002 

The automotive industry is committed to Social Media, other sectors still have a long way to go to reach this same level of interaction, but it is clear that every day more companies are investing in innovation, and in doing so they are leading the way for other industries to use these techniques also.