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We believe the real value of social media and its technologies is the ability for you to innovate WITH your consumer or external stake-holders and partners. This allows you to become a platform for the fulfilment of your markets needs as requested and informed directly by it.


By involving your consumer whether passively or actively in your supply-chain processes, as early as is possible, it allows you to ensure the output is reflective of their needs and comes with their endorsement.


Because the consumer is now the most powerful of all media owners their endorsement guarantees you a launch platform of positive conversation reducing the need to invest in expensive broadcast communications to drive awareness.


Never before have you been able to identify Creative Consumers who can provide insights and solutions for any niche globally and directly collaborate to serve their needs.


Or we can simply provide another set of data from social media to augment your existing innovation processes giving scale and consumer validation or we can directly facilitate the innovation process itself through a series of virtual and / or real world events in open or closed environments.


We continue to do this for some of the world’s leading brands including; Tesco, Bupa, Honda Europe across EMEA and beyond.