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With it’s population of 81.8 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populous member state with the largest economy in the European Union. More than 73% of the population from 14 years has internet access and nearly every 4th household owns at least one smartphone, which means that more than 10 million people are using mobile internet. 38 million Germans have bought goods online and 39% of these have used a search engine to gather information beforehand.

In 2011 almost half of all German companies were using social media for their communications and a further 15% have or are planning to do so. The main drivers for the use of social media in Germany is to raise awareness, to gain new customers and to foster relationships with stakeholders. More than 76% of the online population are using social networks, of which Facebook is the leader with 23.5 million members, followed by Twitter and other local networks. More B2B centric networks are gaining ground also, making them an essential tool in business.

9010 Group has consulted various brands and companies within this market. Its work has been to develop digital strategies, community engagement, change management and market intelligence to assist the client in their various needs.

9010 Group is a company with solid experience and has worked with strong brands, both local and global, such as Hermes Logistik, Honda, and others.

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