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Social Media in the Middle East: more at ARABNET March 25th & 26th

A common feature across the Middle East region is that young people make up a relatively high percentage of the population (in some over 50% are less than 21 years old). In most countries the “net generation”, regardless of its geographic location or cultural background, tends to be comfortable with online technologies and prefer the speed and variety of content delivered through the [...]

All About Brands of Fans on Facebook

Tout savoir sur les Fans de Marques sur Facebook

Plus de 15 millions de Français sont sur Facebook. Et plus de 5 millions de Français sont devenus fans d’une marque sur Facebook…autant d’influeurs que les marques ne peuvent plus… Take a look


For Your Social Communities to Work, Fish Where the Fish Are

There is a great opportunity for businesses to use social media to enable conversations and to create communities that extend their capabilities and engage their constituents in richer ways that results in higher retention, lower risk, increased ROI, and faster operational capacity.

Businesses entering the social media space must first figure out where their audience is [...]


How Foursquare helps Consumers and Businesses

Since last quarter of  2009, we’ve seen companies like FourSquare and Gowalla – companies allowing customers to check into physical locations and earn badges or points, discounts and share/show nearby contacts where they are – gaining heavy traction (more than 1 million FourSquare checkin per week).

So why many thinks that 2010 will be dominated by [...]

2010 The Year of the Mobile Internet

2010 l’année de l’Internet Mobile

Sans prétendre être un spécialiste de téléphonie mobile, mais les dernières tendances me font penser que 2010 sera l’année de l’accès à internet via les téléphones portables. Certes, vous avez probablement déjà entendu cela au début de l’année dernière, n’est-ce pas? Alors quelles sons les raisons qui me font croire que c’est l’année où ça [...]