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9010 Group is a Change Management Consultancy with an International Footprint Team

Meet David Cushman

Managing Director, Board

David Cushman

90:10 Group is born out of a desire to make change that matters. I’ve always believed the most effective way of delivering that change is to involve those for whom the outcomes matter. That’s where our vision of Open Business – the art of making partners of customers – comes from. If you treat your customers as partners you change everything you do. You focus on doing stuff with them, that matters to them, that benefits them. That’s how great businesses, organisations and institutions get built in the 21st Century

David Cushman is an evangelist for (and author of) The Power of the Network. His blog FasterFuture.blogspot.com is ranked in the world’s top 10K by Technorati (of 300m). It focuses on the transformational power of social technologies and the new efficiencies and innovations they deliver. He has 20+ years experience in media, advertising, marketing and organisational change and is regularly invited to speak around the world on the impact of social technologies. He is a Trustee of UK national charity CitizensOnline.org

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