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Meet Dinis Guarda

Managing Director, Board

Dinis Guarda

“There is a shift and accelerated disruption between societies perception of money, co-creation, social media and tech that leads to Open Business. We are at a historical crossroads for humanity, in a sort of perpetual ongoing crisis, where disruptive technologies are re-configuring old businesses and creating new ones. Therefore in this
ecosystem of change, the way to innovate and succeed in business is not to question whether or not we are in a “forever crisis”, but instead to accept it, change with it and use it as an opportunity!”

Dinis Guarda’s background experience is in international management, marketing / communications, web, publishing and content working in initiatives with UN, governments, financial companies, Reuters, Tate Modern, P&G, Alcatel, Vodafone, Nike amongst other. On a business, creative and entrepreneurial level, Dinis has worked / collaborated with people such as David Bowie, Patti Smith, Depeche Mode, Michel Gondry, Steen Jakobsen, Brian Solis and many others. In the last 3 and half years Dinis Guarda co-managed Saxo Bank’s web / online marketing global plan of action, its localization, video and tech related subjects. He defined & managed social media strategy for the organization. He created tradingfloor.com and co-developed the business web platform of the Spanish / Latin America websites saladeinversion.es and saladeinversion.com. He is a guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School and an active speaker in conferences and other educational events and workshops. Dinis Guarda is founder of timizzer.com and ikonoklash.com. With an MA in New Media, he writes regularly in dinisguarda.com, industry websites, magazines and has been publishing books and magazines.

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