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Meet Jamie Burke


Jamie Burke

Change motto

‘I co-founded 9010 Group because I was frustrated at only being able to explore the future within the limitations of the past. The structures and political silos of groups like LBI, WPP and Cossette Group meant I was not able to really focus on helping our clients to become better business, just make better messages. This felt short-term and cynical to me. I wanted to make a big difference, not just win awards.’

Jamie has a long history in launching successful start-ups in and around the social media space; an online gaming community network in 2002 later sold to a number of gambling operators and more recently Brando Social (a social media agency in 2008). He has successfully planned and delivered multi-channel digital campaigns both globally and locally for the likes of Microsoft, Rank Group, Kraft, B&Q and social media specific initiatives for Sony Ericsson, Honda Europe, Orange, and Governmental agencies via the COI. He understands how to combine business practice with social theory and is focused on growing the group globally, bringing together the best of breed from each market and ensuring high client service standards.

Expertise: Leadership, Social Media, Open Business


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