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9010 Group is a Change Management Consultancy with an International Footprint Team

Meet Sarah du Heaume


Sarah Du Heaume

“Big companies abhor change and most have been slow to use the potential of the internet to really infiltrate their customer base. The tables though, have now turned. Customers empowered by social media are doing the talking. Corporations need to be able to respond quickly. That is where 9010 Group comes in and that is why I am an investor in 9010 Group.”

Sarah du Heaume embarked on a career in media buying in the mid-eighties. Putting her languages to use, she soon became specialised in international B2B, with a particular focus on the tech sector. Nine years later she set up her first company, Just Media, in London. Founding clients were predominantly Silicon Valley based companies, so establishing a San Francisco operation was a logical step which followed eighteen months later. In 2005 she negotiated a trade sale of the UK business to Aegis Media plc. Since then she spent a year learning Mandarin, and has slowly built an EIS investment portfolio. She retains an involvement in the media sector, through a minority stake in fashion specialist JK&K Media in London, and also through Just Media, Inc., still thriving as a privately held company.

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