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Social media offers the opportunity to listen to and engage with a rich and live data set for the purposes of research be that to understand product, brand or category behaviours and perceptions.


It offers the nirvana of market research; answers without questions . With the opportunity to have a deep and holistic view of your customer both on a shopper and consumer level but also as a person in the context of community allowing for Netnography (Online Ethnography).


Social media and its technology offer a scale never seen before with sample sizes around your brand, product, services or category often in the thousands if not hundreds of thousands.


This introduces us not just to anonymous people, known only by demographic, but real people we can easily connect with for further integration and even the ability to connect with them for the purpose of a long-term relationship with the community tools already in place (Friending) .


The question is not what is and isn’t possible but what would you like to know right now.


We provide one-off project based audits or continuous daily social media research and workflow insights into your department/s by local teams with the appropriate disciplinary perspective and analysis across; Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Asia & the USA and in any of the local languages.


We apply scientific research rigour and professional research ethics to our processes to deliver you solutions to high industry standards. All our insights come with the ability to rapidly innovate through a process of Co-Creation with those people discovered in the research. For more read Innovation section.