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Market Intelligence

The data that social media can provide is an unprecedented opportunity to bring the full diversity and dynamism of real people’s lives into your decision making processes across the entire organisation. However, we appreciate no organisation wants more data, what they want are more actionable insights delivered in a timely fashion.

Our consultative and technology neutral approach is focused on providing a constant flow of organic social media insights, to challenge legacy thinking and support decision makers in their journey towards open business.

9010 Group’s business consultants collaborate with a diverse ecosystem of research partners to turn your river of social media data into a digestible and actionable package. We can do this in focused one-off projects or help design workflows for the operationalisation of social media insights to flow across digital teams and business units.

By championing the value of social media observation, netnography and community collaboration to complement, augment and challenge more mediated traditional research approaches; our insights can provide a platform for incremental learning and holistic understanding of your customers and market.

We apply this approach to support your decision making around a wide spectrum of operational, brand, product, and communication objectives:

1. Relationship tracking- brand equity, customer and employee engagement

2. Opportunity identification and brand positioning

3. Innovation and new product development

4. Marketing and communications evaluation