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Strategic Planning

It’s sad but most organisations are spending an increasing amount of time and money on social media without any clear idea why. They confuse the measurement of tactics (fans, followers and shares) with success. As any experienced business professional knows, tactics are only tools to achieve an end.

9010 Group will help your organisation align social media with existing business, departmental and role specific objectives and then work with the various constituents to integrate tactics and reinforce them.

We audit the external and internal landscape; assess the opportunities and threats against your internal strengths and weaknesses to help prioritise resource allocation.
We create a clear and measurable roadmap, with a series of flexible stages towards your becoming an Open Business.

Market Intelligence

The data that social media can provide is an unprecedented opportunity to bring the full diversity and dynamism of real people’s lives into your decision making processes across the entire organisation. However, we appreciate no organisation wants more data, what they want are more actionable insights delivered in a timely fashion.

Our consultative and technology neutral approach is focused on providing a constant flow of organic social media insights, to challenge legacy thinking and support decision makers in their journey towards open business.

9010 Group’s business consultants collaborate with a diverse ecosystem of research partners to turn your river of social media data into a digestible and actionable package. We can do this in focused one-off projects or help design workflows for the operationalisation of social media insights to flow across digital teams and business units.

By championing the value of social media observation, netnography and community collaboration to complement, augment and challenge more mediated traditional research approaches; our insights can provide a platform for incremental learning and holistic understanding of your customers and market.

We apply this approach to support your decision making around a wide spectrum of operational, brand, product, and communication objectives:

1. Relationship tracking- brand equity, customer and employee engagement
2. Opportunity identification and brand positioning
3. Innovation and new product development
4. Marketing and communications evaluation

Managed Services

Unlike social media agencies, 9010 Group are not trying to build a business in what we see as highly commoditised social media services. We feel in time, you should have all the core social media competencies that involve the management and engagement of communities internally.

However 9010 Group recognises that hiring new people with new skills for new jobs is a tricky thing to get passed the CFO, especially in European markets where labour laws restrict experimentation in HR. That’s why we provide fully outsourced skilled interim teams to meet your needs and gain knowledge and experience from doing.

We work with you to reduce the risk associated with hiring and the distraction of managing and measuring this new workforce until the case for increasing head-count has been made. At the appropriate point we even help you hire, train and integrate these new hires into your workforce.

Change Management

To 9010 Group, social media means change. Change to the way you market and engage with those outside your organisation. We have developed a strong competency in change management through the experience of helping large and complex organisations like Honda Europe and Mastercard adopt and adapt to social media across different departments, cultures and countries.

From that experience we have learnt social media change can be initiated bottom-up or top-down, from outside to in or the reverse, and that often it really starts with one very special person inside an organisation that goes beyond the call of duty. We build our services around helping that individual or team of individuals to effect positive change in their company pragmatically and safely.

9010 Group wants to develop long-term and intimate relationships with clients connecting them with specialist knowledge throughout a phased change process. It’s why we continue to be hired by blue-chip companies to fulfil 3-5 year social media change plans.

We are the only consultancy that allows for and directly serves this reality in the social media space.

Innovation Services

As an Open Business Consultancy, 9010 Group helps companies to leverage the possibilities of social technologies to open up their organisation and processes to external stakeholders. The opening of your innovation process is a core element of an open business strategy.

9010 Group believes the real value of social media and its technologies is the ability for you to innovate with your consumer or external stakeholders and partners. This allows you to become a platform for the fulfilment of your market needs as requested and informed directly by it.

Introducing innovation can help you to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Be more competitive
  • Build the value of your brand
  • Establish new partnerships and relationships
  • Increase turnover and improve profitability

Businesses that fail to innovate run the risk of:

  • Losing market share to competitors
  • Suffering from falling productivity and efficiency
  • Losing key staff
  • Experiencing steadily reducing margins and profit
  • Going out of business

9010 Group can help you in defining the scope and scale of your open innovation and social media strategy as well as conducting concrete research and ideation projects. 9010 Group doesn’t stop after the diagnosis and design phase, we see ourselves as a partner on a joint open business journey.

Advisory Practice

Who can you trust to help you adapt key policies, procurement processes and HR guidelines? Our independence and neutrality mean we have no ulterior motives and no hidden agenda to follow. Combined with our experience and expertise, we are uniquely placed to provide objective advice to support you in making the changes required to keep up with the needs of today in a fast moving space.

One of the biggest hidden barriers to change in any organisation is the way in which it goes about selecting its agencies and vendors. Unless your procurement processes are in line with the needs of the world as it is today, the risk is you’ll continue to buy to meet the needs of yesterday. Key measures of competence are shifting fast. We can help you keep up.

What is the impact of social media on your HR policies? Are they up to date? Does your staff support them? Will new joiners? We can help you modernise and build in future-proofing processes.

  • Social media policies and guidelines (HR)
  • Social media agency procurement
  • Social technology vendor procurement
  • Agency social media planning guidelines