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9010 Group today is an Open Business company led by visionary Jamie Burke who has opened up 4 years + worth of IP developed from consulting to some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies in leveraging social technologies and new management principles. Each project and its resulting IP has been built for the purpose of greater openness to deliver increased levels of innovation quicker and more efficiently to become a better fit with today’s networked world.

We do this because we believe:

More Open and Sustainable digital business models can lead to healthier economic growth driven by more ethical and responsive companies that work to improve society not just extract its wealth.

The Group is soon to release a book called Open Business published by Palgrave Macmillan and freely shares its past work through www.openbusinesscouncil.org and Twitter hashtags; #openbusiness #working4open and #ideas4open

What we do Today

We have developed a unique disruptive business framework for the efficient; qualification, design and launch of new digital businesses that are a perfect fit with a connected, networked world.

This means leveraging social technologies and new management principles to build and involve partner ecosystems from day 1 in the development of a business. This allows for lean business models that reduce the seed capital required to test and grow new business concepts as well as the marketing spend required to make them a success.

We work as equity partners, board members or through our own wholly owned start-ups funded via angel, VC and crowd-funding.

The parameters for investment are the companies must be;

Non-media digital businesses that have the potential to disrupt existing markets within a Lean and Open Business Framework. Against the Dot.com trend they must come with a clear monetisation / commercial strategy from day 1 and be focused on long-term and sustainable growth not just a quick exit.