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Interviewees for forthcoming book: ‘The 10 Principles of Open Business’

I’m hoping you can help me identify potential exemplars / interviewees for my forthcoming book: ‘The 10 Principles of Open Business’. It is due for completion in July this year for publication with Palgrave-Macmillan for feb 2014. They have ambitious marketing plans in mind for it with the intent to make it a top 10 business book in 2014.


It’s Been A Great Ride

90:10 Group was setup 4 years ago with just a handful of a team and a 6 month contract from Honda Europe to help them adapt to social media. From there we organically grew to a company with over 50+ employees in 8 countries spanning from UK, Spain, France, Italy Germany & The Netherlands through to the Middle East and turned over £3.5 million in consulting fees for a diverse group of clients.

Open Innovation

The Principles of Open Business: Principle Six Open Innovation

Part VII in a series of blog posts describing the 10 Principles of Open Business.

Our sixth Principle of Open Business is Open Innovation.

To borrow the definition of founding father of the term Open innovation, Dr. Henry Chesbrough, it is

‘The use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively.’

At 90:10 Group we refer to: “Innovating with partners by sharing risk and reward in the development of products, services and marketing”


The Principles of Open Business: Principle Five Connectedness

Our fifth Principle of Open Business is Connectedness: Connecting all employees internally to one another and externally through open social media.
This is not simply a matter of buying the right software. Too many harassed execs fall for this approach. They know they must start making their business operate in a more connected way internally. They know closer connections to customers are important. What they don’t know is how to achieve this. Connectedness holds the key.


The Principles of Open Business – Principle Four: Sharability

The fourth Principle of Open Business is Sharability – the packaging of knowledge for easy and open sharing both internally and externally.
Sharability is a fundamental organisational design principle as it requires a cultural/philosophical recognition of the value of sharing over hoarding.
The antithesis of an organisation built on the Principle of Sharability is one which is built on the principle of Secrecy. It’s likely there will be one or two things about the way your organisation does or makes something which is unique, or at the very least so special that it gives you a perceived competitive advantage over rivals.
But, if you are honest, these very few special things are worthy only of pockets of secrecy – rather than the cultures of secrecy they are too often allowed to generate.


The Principles of Open Business – Principle Three: The Networked Organisation

Our third Principle of Open Business is one defining the organisational structure of an Open Business. It is that it should be a Networked Organisation. “The organisation functions as a platform connecting internal networks to external ones for a common Purpose.” It’s a principle long cherished by 90:10 – and now being adopted by the most successful and fastest growing companies.

social car

Connecting The Car; 3 years of Social Media and the Automotive Industry

Our people have worked with Honda Europe for the past three years to help them adapt to social media across Marketing, PR and Insights. We have created a report as an aggregation of the collective knowledge and experience of the 15 analysts and change managers who have worked on the account called: CONNECTING THE CAR, 3 years of Social Media and the Automotive Industry.

Open Capital

The 10 Principles of Open Business: Principle 2 – Open Capital

Open Capital is the use of crowd funding platforms or principles to raise capital through micro investments. It shifts the way we fund businesses, organisations and innovation and is having a huge impact on the way business is being done.

Image by Hugh MacLeod, GapingVoid.com

The Principles of Open Business: Principle 1 – Purpose

First of the 10 Principles of Open Business – Purpose. Does your organisation have a why? Is everything it does aligned with its purpose? Are you on a mission beyond making money?